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Carey Anderson

Please introduce yourself tell us your name, and where you’re from.

My name is Carey Anderson and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area

What inspired you to become a writer?

I'm always thinking of a story, and sometimes I would write them down. One day while talking to my close friend we talked about Tracy's Complications. She suggested putting it up online to be read by others. The idea evolved from there.

What genre do you write in?

This is a question that I struggle with regularly. I don't think my stories/books exactly qualify as Urban Fiction. They are works of Fiction and they are set in urban settings. However, the idea that is conveyed when you think of the way that Urban Fiction is portrayed doesn't exactly cover my works. So for now I consider my work Contemporary African American Fiction.

Do you have a favorite author(s), and if so why?

Eric Jerome Dickey is my all time favorite author. I loved that he wrote about everyday people and he could always capture my attention.

Please tell us about your previous projects.

I am the author of the Wallace Family Affairs Saga. 

Describe your writing process.

Inspiration, it comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes I imagine the alternate outcome of a situation. Once I have a mental outline of the story, then I allow my characters to tell their stories.

What is your favorite aspect of writing?

I enjoy the whole storytelling aspect. I would verbally tell my siblings stories all of the time. I loved seeing their reactions to my plot twists and turns. I love being able to pull my audience in and then watching their reactions to my stories.

What makes “Second Chances” special to you?

This is my first short story..

What challenges did you face while crafting your masterpiece?

I needed a story, and then I needed an idea that could play out quickly. I did a little brainstorming with one of my beta readers. The biggest challenge was building 

a complete story.

What’s next for you?

Later this year I plan to release another work of fiction, "Secrets & Lies".

Published July 2016

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