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November 2018 Interview

Interviewer: Thank you for this opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with us.

Carey Anderson: Thank you for having me and for your time.

I: Can you tell us a little about your latest release?

CA: Sure, on November 20th I released "Looking Into The Sun". This is the story of Jasper Steel and Lyla Clarion. Both of them are searching for unconditional love and a sense of belonging. Our story starts with Jasper's dream. His grandfather was his foundation and instilled in him a sense of dignity and respect for others. That makes him an old soul in a world full of the superficial. Lyla has amnesia and she's trying to adjust to a world she doesn't remember. This book takes you on a journey of love and self awareness. Jasper and Lyla eventually realize how strong they individually are and how strong they are together.

I: What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?

CA: The timelines! I don't know why I keep choosing to write books with difficult timelines. One of my Beta Readers is a Sci-Fi enthusiasts and I blame her influence for this reoccurrence of events. 

I: The Wallace's have been such a big part of your writing experience. Was it hard to write without them?

CA: When I wrote Secrets & Lies it was very difficult to keep the Wallace's out. In the end I still have quite a few Wallace Easter eggs in that book as well. However, this may not be obvious if you aren't familiar with the Wallace Saga. Honestly my world has been consumed with the Wallace's for the past five years, its not so easy to stop hearing their voices.

I: Do you foresee any future Wallace Family writings?

CA: Definitely! Lyrical Persuasion is all about Eric Wallace. I have a very rough draft beginning written for this book. I'm just waiting for Eric and Connor to speak to me again.

I: What are you currently working on?

CA: Right now I find myself caught in a serious juggling act. My personal life has taken on a major shift and I find myself without the opportunity to sit and write like I used to. As soon as I find my new rhythm I plan to bang this one out. I'm currently working on PCOP. It's the story of Zac Web, you briefly met him in Season 2 of the Together We Are Strong Series. 

I: Who's your favorite character thus far?

CA: That should be obvious (Big Smile). If you're familiar with my work you should know whom you read about in almost every one of my books. Malcolm, Darryl, and Dewayne are the top three. Whether you realized it or not, it's not too often you read a Carey Anderson book where you don't read at least a mention of one or

 all three of them.

I: You have five years under your belt, where do you see yourself in five years from now?

CA: Hopefully with an even larger reader base. 

I: Which book do you recommend to new readers?

CA: Secrets & Lies is a great place to start. Although the Wallace Family Affairs Saga is a series. With a few exceptions each book can be read as a standalone. If you'd like to read more by me, then start with At Last and then work your way through the entire Wallace Family Saga. 

I: Carey thank you for your time, I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. 

CA: Thank you for having me.

Published November 2018 

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