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About The Books

The books on this page are listed in reverse order of how they were written. Please check the reading order page to review the order that the books should be read.

This Book Series provides background information for each of the characters within the Wallace Family Affairs Series. Your journey with the Wallace's should start here. Make sure you're up to speed on the background of each character before you jump into the Together We Are Strong (TWAS) Season Series. This will help explain some of the why and who's. 

Carey's soon to be Published works of Fiction:

Choosing Me

Deonna was a loner. She was never like the silly girls around her, and she never wanted to be. She never thought about love until she met Gabe. She wants to love him, but in her life people have proven to be disappointments. Is Gabe the man to restore her faith in people?

Talia can't choose which one to keep and which one to throw away. Somehow she found herself in love with two men. This love triangle can’t go on forever, who will she choose to spend the rest of her life with.

Kalani is a very young and successful business owner. On the heels of another breakup she happens to meet the guy that seems perfect for her. You know how it goes with ex's though, will she finally have her happily ever after?

Maya was in love with her ex until he brought someone else into their relationship. Now he wants her back, and even though she is resistant to his advances, the fact that he continues to interfere with her tries to move on leave her frustrated. She still loves him, but is love enough?

Brielle and Zander were high school sweethearts. When trauma struck their lives they couldn't pick up the pieces and heal together. Separated by pain they long to be together, but being together means that they must heal first. Neither of them know how to do that.

Adina has it all the career, the fame, the money. The only thing she's lacking is the ability to trust that someone could actually love her for who she is.

When Sheila met her husband she thought she landed on her happily ever after. No one really talks about what happens after you meet fall in love and the real life begins. Sheila has chosen how she wants her story to end. Will she fight for love? Or will she listen to others and choose herself?

Letting Go

Eric Wallace and Lynn Schultz were high school sweethearts. Although they know each other inside and out, they can't seem to make it to that final leap of commitment.

Connor is a very girly tomboy who has a very successful career and no fuss family life. As her best friend from college sets his eyes on the wrong female; she quickly learns that everything she thought she had control over alludes her. 


Faith waited forever for a guy like Jude. Loving, hard working, and affectionate. Things become complicated when he makes the decision to wait before they move forward. Meanwhile her new colleague sets his eyes on her. He's attracted to her indifference towards him, and he loves a challenge.

Alice has lived her entire life with abuse from every angle. When she found God she was convinced that was all she needed, until she meets Jude. Something that she's never felt for anyone comes alive within her. Now she’s torn between doing the right thing and following her heart.

Aunrey has a lot to deal with. His job at Mitigated Staffing Solutions has provided him with legitimate income, and down time to think about what he truly needs in his life. Dealing with a father who's "away" and a mother who never got over losing her husband. Aunrey finds himself in love with a woman who should be off limits to him. Torn between the right thing to do and what his heart leads him to do, he must decide which way to go.

Carey's Published works of Fiction:

Paisley Clouds Over Paris

Paisley is juggling her man, her career, her children, and her entire family. Her parent’s volatile relationship, her grandmother, and her sister are enough to keep her hands full. Put on top of all of that there’s always someone shooting their shot. Paisley’s trying her hardest to have it all and make it look effortless.

Paris always feels like she’s living in her younger sister’s shadow relationship wise. Paisley has to beat men off with a stick, while Paris struggles to learn how to manage her short list of relationships. Paris is a late bloomer and seems to always be behind the curve.

Zac grew up in a very tumultuous environment during his formative years. Thanks to his older brother he learned to let music be his escape. His escape has allowed him to have a sweet life at a glance. His inability to deal with the things going on in his life will cost him everything.

Scorned ~ Refuting the Truth

Vonda is in a loveless marriage that seems to shape the way she sees herself. In a world where her husband and children have been her everything, she's lost track of who she is. When her youngest goes away to school her entire world turns upside down. Vonda must learn to fight in ways she never thought she would have to. Finding your value in an environment that tries to take it away can be hard. 

Face Of A Stranger

Face of a Stranger is about four friends who grew up together in the San Francisco Bay Area. One goes away and becomes a "success", while the others make due at home. When they're reunited they try to find a new normal for their interactions.


The high school athlete turned business man has to live with the pain he's caused many as he tries to find his piece of happiness.


While figuring out who she is, she has to let go of her past and move forward with love in her heart. 

Looking Into The Sun

Jazz's first lesson in this world was, no matter how much you love them; the people you love will leave you. During his formative years his grandparents taught him to accept the limitations of others. Not to fall apart when others fall short. Meanwhile Jazz searches for the comforts of family and belonging in the world.

Lyla was suffering from a broken heart and memory loss. Lyla awakens cold and frightened one unusually cold night in a park in San Francisco. She only remembered her name and the name of her mother. Lyla had to learn patience with herself as she tried very hard to remember the things she appeared to have forgotten. 

Secrets & Lies

Alaina and Royce do their best to capture the dream and show that high school sweethearts can make love work in adult life. Royce grew up with parents who were anything but loyal to each other. Alaina's loyalty to him is worth more than gold. Determined to be worthy of her love and loyalty, Royce tries very hard to suppress his inherited traits and be the man his wife deserves.

Tavio & Eva suffer to hold on as distance and their secrets pull them apart. Tavio and Eva had a plan. College, marriage, family. A simple enough plan right? When they're plan is spoiled Tavio and Eva scramble to find a 

plan B.

In a world where six degrees of separation keep us apart, their lives unknowingly become interwoven. 

Second Chances (Retold)

Jocelyn has learned that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. When a chance meeting reunites her with her high school crush, she’s determined to put everything out on the table. Jocelyn reignites passion within Donnell. Doing the right thing is never easy; both of them have to decide whether they proceed or if they let this chance pass them by.

Together We Are Strong Season 2 (Finale) ~ What Comes Next

In this conclusion to the Wallace Family Affairs Saga, we find the Wallace and Latour Families fighting together to rid themselves of all of the predators who have risen against their family. They threaten to undo all of the happy endings that the Family attempted to secure for themselves.

Join us for this journey as the family struggles to pull together the pieces of their lives now that they find themselves as the target of someone’s hatred.


Beyond The Wallace's - I Knew You When

Now that you're up to speed, and have read the background stories for each of my main characters, now the Wallace & Latour story begins. Each season 

contains a series of Episodes which end with a Finale. 

I Knew You When is a story about R. Novian Murphy and Torrie Rowe. They know that they individually have what it takes to become Stars. They knew each other when times were simpler. Neither one of them seem to understand what's lacking in the rest of their lives that leaves them with that overwhelming aching feeling.

Novian grew up with a mother he didn't care to understand or appreciate, even though the world tried to tell him that there was more to her than what he gave her credit for. He wanted to live his dream of one day making it big, but he failed to realize that fame comes at a cost.

Torrie always wants what she can't have, Love and a good man living at the top of her list. Torrie's world although big has always been so small. Fame comes at a cost, but she paid the bill for her fame as well as Novian's. 

Together We Are Strong Season 1 ~ Present

Now that you've read all the background stories, our season opens with a “where are they now” of all the Wallace Family members you met and fell in love with in the background series.


Tracy's back at work; daydreaming about anything other than being at work. Counting down the hours until she can get back to Andrew.


Still the apple of Malcolm's eye, Amber dreams about the day that she becomes Mrs. Malcolm Latour.


Yussef is trying to juggle too many balls at once. A new relationship, the sudden role of father, and the constant pull of the Wallace Family.


Sasha is determined that her twin cousin feels the pain and the wrath of forgetting to include her in his very special day. Armed with a the love of her life, she's ready to take on the world.


Chantel is settling into the life of a famous person, while still learning to be patient with herself and her family.

Kendra! Kendra! Kendra!

Kendra is gearing up for the new contract she's signed to be a subcontract company for Mitigated Staffing Solutions, while trying to juggle her fiancé, and the advances of her ex.


Malachi has everything a man could want for, a beautiful wife, two healthy and beautiful daughters, and a flourishing career. With everything that he’s fortunate to have Malachi still can’t seem to find peace in his life. Sometimes he wonders if he married the wrong woman or if he’s the reason why so many of the things that should bring him joy in his life doesn’t. Plagued with a horrible secret Malachi must find someone he trust purge.


Lanie is Lanie... doing Lanie things, saying Lanie things, being completely and totally Lanie. Battling her Wallace and Wright blood trying to find sanity in a world that offers no room for that. 

Last Word

Pamela Latour is liar and thief. Listening to her mother has always landed her in harms way. Her final mistake happened when she decided to listen to her mother one last time. Now she doesn’t know where she is, or who her capture is. He’s been instructed to kill her and Pam begins her plea to save her life, by offering her version of a soft and fluffy story of her life and how she raised her son. Little does she know that her capture is very familiar with her and the story she’s trying to create as a reason to save 

her life.


"I didn't want no baby, but here I am!"

"All Barb's girls are so pretty!"

To read the first chapter (Click Here)

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Distorted Mirrors


This is the background story of two of our main characters in Volume I of The Wallace Family Affairs, Tracy and Steve. In this story you can see a lot of their back and forth drama before the WFA story came about. This story begins at Tracy's high school graduation when Tracy had a very idealistic view of her future; and it ends just before she meets Andrew Wallace.


This is Steve's side of the story. Steve tries very hard to hide what he feels about everyone and everything. For years Steve has been in love with Tracy, but he has always felt that she was lacking something. Not satisfied with their relationship Steve always went out looking for someone to fill the void. That's when he meets Toya, a beautiful young woman who convinces him that they are in love; but something doesn't feel right. When he realizes he's in love with Tracy and wants to be with her it's too late. She shuts him out for good. Steve's life spirals out of control, and his only hold on his sanity is that one-day Tracy will come back to him like she always has.

                                        To read the first chapter (Click Here)

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Victor and his brother Vern Cardell have their own hustle going over Oakland. Victor's married to his childhood sweetheart, who he has children with. However both of the Cardell brothers have no problem spreading their seed around Oakland like they're farmers. When the Cardells refuse to go against the Wallace's this triggers a war with their boss. Which in the end results in their take over of Oakland while Vern Cardell gets injured and Victor's wife ends up in jail behind the murder of their enemy.

Meanwhile Dalenna Jones is a little girl who's trying to fit in somewhere. After suddenly losing her parents and her sister snaps behind the grief. Dalenna only has her big cousin Samira left to love and support her. Although Samira is very protective of her prematurely developed little cousin she still introduced Dalenna to Vern Cardell who ends up saving Dalenna from an attack by a stranger. Dalenna is forever grateful to Vern for saving her and she then decides there's nothing she wouldn't do for her "big brother". When Victor's wife is thrown in jail Dalenna happily agrees to help Victor sighting her loyalty as the reason and not confessing to her secret crush on him. Disappointed that Victor only sees her as a little girl Dalenna does everything in her power to help Victor see that she's more than just a little girl. Forgetting that one day his wife will be home.

To read the first chapter (Click Here)

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Just A Friend

Ethan Wallace has always lived in the shadows of his family. He dimmed his light so that his brothers could shine. When Ethan met Jenise he was convinced that she had her own agenda that he didn't trust her. Determined to reveal her agenda he found that she truly and honestly was only looking for a friend. Through their friendship Ethan comes to terms with a lot of his issues and he learns that it's ok to let his light shine. Unfortunately letting his light shine also turns on selfishness in him that he isn't sorry to have.

Jenise Wright grew up in a farming town in California. She’s the first member of her family to go to college. Her hard work and dedication earned her a full scholarship to one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Jenise's charms and nurturing nature unknowingly land her right in the middle of the Wallace clan who are also attending the same school. Her loyalty earns her a very close friendship with Ethan the quietest Wallace. Meanwhile Jenise loses herself trying to make all of her friends and family happy.

To read the first chapter (Click Here)

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"How do you know that's not how Eskimos kiss?"

"Twin Terrors!"

"You can keep the pieces of the heart you broke, I'll grow another one."

"You are my one guarantee in life! I will always do anything for you."

At Last

Annette grew up with a mother who never showed her any real love. Her mother viewed her children as bargaining chips to her benefit. Her mother Rose always preferred to keep her polygamous husband happy at whatever cost, and then her sons. She favored her youngest daughter Emma, and Annette always got the short end of the stick. The only time Rose was barely good to Annette was when she knew it would keep her husband happy. Suddenly, Annette's father dies and her aunt sends for Annette's entire family to move to San Francisco, California for a better opportunity and life for colored people. Rose demands that her children hate as she hates and her heart is hardened by the traumas they experience in the south. When Annette moves to California she learns that judging people before you get to know them is not the way to live. Even though Annette is accepting of people of all racial backgrounds her mother is not. Annette unknowingly catches the eye of the youngest Wallace boy Tim. Annette never entertains the idea of Tim's feelings because she thinks they come from two different worlds, besides her momma would kill her.

The Wallace's are a family ahead of their time. Timothy's momma Irma comes from the South and she loves and adores the closest person she's ever had to a mother, Lady B. Irma grew up in the middle of African American culture although her biological family was of Southern wealth. Irma teaches all eight of her children to look at people for who they are and not the color of their skin. Tim has lived his entire life this way with a best friend named Jeremiah who's colored. When Tim's brother marries Tim's high school sweetheart, he believes he's going to spend his adult life as a bachelor chasing skirts. Until he meets Annette who doesn't even notice him. Tim experiences prejudice from Annette's mother Rose. Tim is determined to protect Annette and show her that Love begins in your heart not through your eyes. Meanwhile the pull of his family business and life pull at him making it difficult to be as forth coming with the love of his life as he wants to be, for fear that she might run away from him.


"Annette you're spinning your wheels, wasting time with him. I love you, and I think you like me. I need your attention so you can fall in love with me too." He kissed my lips gently.

"But Tim! You're white!" I said feeling confused.

"Only on the outside, I promise that's the only part." Then he smiled at me and kissed my lips again. I felt tingling in a place I never felt it before when he kissed me. "Please Annette."

To read the first chapter (Click Here)

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Beyond The Wallace's - A Heart That's Taken (2014 NaNo WriMo Project)

Olivia and Ahjani (Ah-Jah-Nee) find each other when they’re both looking for more. Olivia moved across the country to be around the one person she felt loved her and had her back. Ahjani is determined to get his education and settle into a nice life. They seem to find each other at the right time in both of their lives. Ahjani has a bright future ahead of him and a beautiful woman on his arm with a few talents of her own. Something stops him from being completely open with Olivia; something stops him from giving everything to her. For the longest time he can't put his finger on it. Then the away game that brings it all back to him. One site of his high school love and he knows exactly what it is. As soon as Ahjani sees Nellie he’s immediately conflicted within his heart. Olivia doesn’t understand why Ahjani suddenly pulls away from her. She suspects that it’s another woman, but she isn’t sure. Olivia struggles to understand that no love can ever be complete if you’re not completely being yourself. Olivia must find the strength to possibly move on with her life, to move on from the first real love she’s ever known. Will Ahjani get it together before he loses Olivia, or will he continue to fight for Nellie?

To purchase your copy of A Heart That's Taken visit (Click Here)

First You Laugh Then You Cry

The girl of many names is mostly known as Nellie. Nellie traumatically goes from Riches to Rags. Her mother instills in her the idea that unless a man has money he has nothing. This one fatal value cost Nellie so much. Like her mother she demands to be the center of attention at all times; thanks to her pretty face normally she is. When she meets D, she is stunned to find that he’s not interested in her; and he would rather the company of her lesser in every way best friend. Nellie is determined to win D’s heart and she stops at nothing to run from the pain of her life and focus her happiness on one day being the girl on D’s arm.

Kendra has a pretty standard childhood, loving mother and father, wonderful siblings. Until one day her father decides that he wants something different and he leaves behind the comforts of his family to find his own happiness. Kendra watches her mother try to keep things together and she decides to do her part to help out her family. Meanwhile she catches the attention of young Darryl who initially seems to be just a silly guy to her. She eventually learns about his big heart, and that he has a certain way that he sees the humor in everything to survive and maintain. What she doesn’t know about, is the competition that her best friend has waged with her for Darryl’s heart.

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" What a man says and what a man does depends on the woman in front of him."

"Trying something different has got you trying something different."

"Your Queen Cluck is a trip!"

" I thought no matter what I’d be safe with you. I thought you’d protect me like you do for 

everybody else. I guess I was wrong."

" If I close my eyes and imagine I’m somewhere else, this will be another memory 

that will barely exist in my mind."

"Again I felt like the outsider!"

" How can I protect his heart if mine is already broken?"

"She's not better than me!"

" Look at this girl, she’s too perfect! You can’t deny the world of more perfect people."

"So if he can't have forever why does he get to have you right now?"

" I felt like I was back in high school doing things just because."

"Actually I was auditioning for the role of daddy. I heard there was a vacancy."

"You are like a rash that won't go away."

"Look where my doodles have gotten me."

No Regrets

Chantel and her brother Cyrus’s childhood was less than ideal. Their parents left them to provide for, and raise their selves.

Innocent Chantel never believed in herself or that anyone besides her brother Cyrus could ever love her. Things take a turn for the better when Derrick her secret crush notices her. By chance they discover that they both share a love for music, and suddenly her future seems so much brighter. Armed with a beautiful gift and her love for a man who seems as if he’s feeling her as well, but isn’t quite able to commit like she wishes he would. Chantel finds herself on a rollercoaster of emotions as she pursues a musical career. Her innocence seems to catch the attention of the most scandalous men, who go through ridiculous feats just to have her. Derrick continues to remind her that no matter what she chooses to do to make sure she has no regrets. Will Derrick choose Chantel? Will Chantel learn to love despite her parents?

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"... actually I think he's sexy as all get out. He's not like these goofy boys who run around here like kids. He always looks like he's thinking about something."

"Only a fool underestimates a stranger!"

"This is starting to not feel right. All the sudden you're little miss popular. If you're not with Derrick you're with his family. They're starting to have their hands in everything we do. You don't see that?"

"He had a wicked smile when he looked at Derrick and said Toya was having one whether she wanted to or not."

"Then reality sets in and your parents aren't perfect no matter how hard you try to only see them that way. "

" Having a baby doesn't trap a man, it traps you! They will move on with their lives and you will be stuck for the rest of your life with a reminder of what used to be. "

" One day you're gonna look back and realize how messed up she is. It doesn't excuse what she put us through. NOTHING will excuse that. I'm gonna walk that much taller cause I did my best to love her even when she didn't deserve it. I won't have regrets. "

"You can't choose your parents, but you can choose the person you want to be. You have to learn to accept them for who they are, accept the parts of them that are like you. And be mindful to be better, it’s easier said than done."

" I know I talk about music a little more than you'd like me to, but music is how I survive. Music can be love, it can be joy, and it can be pain. Music can save your life! "

Look Beyond  Your Eyes

Look Beyond Your Eyes is a coming of age story about Sasha Wallace, who is a seemingly confident and self-assured young lady. Sasha is used to being appreciated and sought after for her appearance. Whatever Sasha wants, Sasha gets. Except for the love and acceptance of a good man who sees her for who she truly is, and not just a beautiful arm piece. Sasha learns that being a Wallace isn’t enough to provide her with everything she needs to be happy. Each failed relationship takes it’s toll on her and the personal pride she takes in being Sasha “Sassy” Wallace. When Sasha meets a very handsome and intelligent man who isn’t impressed or moved by her physical attributes; Sasha learns how to become comfortable in her own skin while still trying to get her man. Meanwhile Sasha has to learn to understand her father whose unhealthy relationship with her mother continues to affect their relationship. Will Sasha find love? Will she ever be appreciated beyond what the simple eye beholds?

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"I feel so bad for him. He seems so docile and loving. He just wants to love you Sasha why do you have to be so mean to him?"

"Talking to him I forgot he was kind of.... I won't say ugly. I'll say not my type. "

"So what! You're not fifteen now! Why does your age when I was born seem to make you think this type of behavior today is ok?"

""Lowering your standards only leads to more frustration down the line."


Yussef has always lived an invisible life, moving from place to place and never really feeling like he fits in anywhere he goes. With a self-centered and ridiculous mother, eventually Yussef goes to live with his grandmother and great-grandmother, who although religious allow him to decide whether he wants to embrace their lifestyle or not, and figure out where he belongs. He finds his slightly older sister and finally he feels like he belongs somewhere. Yussef lands the perfect job where he learns how to use his invisible powers to his advantage. Yussef knows that the Wallace’s are not to be mocked, and he knows rule number one, “Never fall for the Bosses Woman and/or Daughter!” However after a series of heartbreaks and relationship traumas Yussef finds himself unintentionally stuck in the middle of a love triangle that almost cost him his life. Will Yussef find a love of his own? Will he always be invisible?

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"You're standing over here looking like a brick wall, but your eyes say you have a soft heart."

" I HATE that the timing of their love was so perfect that night that nine months later you were 

born into this world."

"'You wanna dance?' I asked not knowing what else to say to her that would matter to me at that moment. 

I just wanted to be in her space. I wanted to see her move, I wanted to smell her. I wanted her! This is a first!"

Love Is Just Enough

This is the conclusion to Sometimes Love Isn't Enough.

This book picks up where Part 1 leaves off. Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough, but shouldn’t it be? Amber loves Malcolm and David. She finds herself caught in the middle of them, and now young Andrew pleads with her to fight for David. Still strapped with her childhood dream of a husband and a family Amber struggles with where to place her heart. Who will Amber choose, and will that choice satisfy her heart? Can she find love beyond both of them? Or will #TeamMalcolm prevail?

Purchase your copy of Part 2 Love Is Just Enough on today.

To read the first chapter (Click Here)

This book was so long that it had to be separated into two books. I promise that this story grabs your attention from the first page until the last. Inspiration wouldn't let me sleep, or focus on too much else. This book answers most of the questions you may have had from Tracy's Complications. 

Part 2 Quote:

"On top of every other emotion, I'll be going through. To be 

ignored by you is torture, when all I ever wanted was you!"

 Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

Amber Wallace is a angry little girl who struggles to understand herself and the world around her. She doesn't understand why her father being white and her mother being black is an issue for majority of the people she meets. She learns at a young age that a peaceful approach isn't always the best way to survive. With an angry mother that she doesn't understand, and a father who's always working, Amber the youngest of four thinks she knows it all. Amber believes the solution to her life's problems is to find a boyfriend of her own.

That's when she meets Malcolm, a beautifully dark and intelligent young man with some anger issues of his own. Amber ignored the warning signs to walk away and she fell head first in love with Malcolm, although she caught the eye of David who seemed to embody everything that she actually said she wanted in a boyfriend.

When Amber finds herself pregnant at 14 years old, she learns real fast that the fantasy world she envisioned is not the reality she's living. 

The unspoken darkness within her family comes to life. She learns about the life or death power within her last name. She struggles to grow up quickly while she holds on to the fantasy of a happy family life with Malcolm who does not want the future picture she paints for them.

When the opportunity presents its self Amber jumps at the opportunity to leave Malcolm behind and to start over with David. When the reality of Malcolm’s hold on her crushes her dream, Amber tries desperately to hold on to David. Does holding on to David cost him his life?

This is Part One of the two Part series.

Purchase your copy of Sometimes Love Isn't Enough Part 1 on today.

To read the first chapter (Click Here)

Part 1 Quote:

"I hate when you make it seem like I don't have a choice. I don't have to choose you."

 Tracy's Complications

Tracy hasn’t always made the right choices in her life. It seems like she always has to learn things the hard way. Her parents raised her to be a good Christian woman, but she had her own ideas about how she wanted to live her life. Not completely out on the wild side, but definitely not within the structure her parents provided her with.

After the complete failure of two relationships, she decides that there may be something to the Christian upbringing that her parents showed her.

But then her ex-boyfriend Andrew comes back to claim the woman he lost. Now loaded down with a son and a CRAZY baby momma, Andrew is determined to have Tracy in his life. Even if that means that he doesn’t completely fill her in on the history behind his last name Wallace.

Slowly Tracy learns little bits and pieces of his life. She meets his extremely young parents Amber and Malcolm, and the rest of his family.

Meanwhile Andrew struggles to protect Tracy from her possessive ex-boyfriend Steve, who will stop at nothing to make her understand that if he can’t have her no one will.

Part 2 Quote:

"On top of every other emotion, I'll be going through. To be 

ignored by you is torture, when all I ever wanted was you!"

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To read the first chapter (Click Here)

Checkout my Rough Rider's review of this book. (Click Here)

This book was not intended to be a story that I would eventually publish. I was going through a hard time, and I needed the escape of my imagination to help me get through it. This Volume is where the story begins, where the questions about the Wallace Family begin, and it sets the stage for the Wallace's.


"Because every Jill Scott song about loving a man, makes me think of you!"

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