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Angie Liddell

I am honored to introduce you to Angie Liddell, the author of the series "Tears of the Game". If you have not read Part 1 & 2, do yourself a favor and run over to and order your copies today. Angie's writes from real life point of view, bringing you characters that you can relate to and feel their pain. You find yourself cheering for the heroes and heroins. Hating the villains, and moved to tears at points. Without further ado, I give you Angie Liddell:

CA Ask: Who are you?

Angie: I'm an Author, mother of two and a cancer survivor. 

CA Ask: What do you do? 

Angie: I'm a nurse by day. 

CA Ask: When did you begin writing?

AngieI began writing when I was around  seven or eight years old. I loved being able to make up fairy tales with happy endings.   

CA Ask: What made you decide to publish your work?

Angie: I needed to learn the business for myself. I came into the industry with blinders on. I never knew it was so cutthroat. 

CA Ask: What genre do you write for?

Angie: Urban, black love. I can actually fit in anywhere. It's whatever mood hits me when I jot down that first line to my story. 

CA Ask: Do you only write in one genre?

Angie: No. I plan on releasing books from every angle, except horror and science fiction.

CA Ask: Why do you write?

Angie: I love to write because I'm able to escape and live vicariously through the pages of a book. I want to be able to allow the readers the same satisfaction. 

CA Ask: What inspires you to write?

Angie: My (adult) children, and the people who said I couldn't. 

CA Ask: What would you like readers to take away from your work?

Angie: I want readers to close the book at the end and say they felt as though they were there in the story. I want them to be able to visualize every person and place. 

CA Ask: Can you share with us any feedback that you got about your work that inspired you to continue moving forward?

Angie: I've had awesome feedback, which was a review left on Amazon. The reader said they had never been to Oakland California, but my book made them feel like they were right there in Oakland.

CA Ask: What are you currently working on?

Angie: I finishing a collaboration with another author by the name of Le'Vonne. 

CA Ask:  What’s next for Angie Liddell?

Angie: More books. Romances, a children's series and of course urban.

CA Ask: Where would you like to be in the next five years?

AngieI'd like to be able to walk into a major book store and see my books on their shelves. 

CA Ask: Where can your work be found?

Angie: My work can be found on Amazon. 

CA Asks: How can readers reach you? 

Angie: Facebook @Angie Liddell, Twitter @angie_theauthor and Instagram @Author_angieliddell

Cordelia Michelsen

Please introduce yourself tell us your name, and where you’re from.

My name is Cordelia Michelsen and I am from a quiet little town in upstate New York.
What inspired you to become a writer?
I have always been a creative person. I have done theater and singing in the past, but I have always had a passion for creating my own little world. So I figured, hey, why not?
What genre do you write in? 
I usually write in IR and Suspense which seem to be the roots of my subject matter, but I am also trying my hand at Supernatural. I love to genre-hop.
Do you have a favorite author(s), and if so why? 
My favorite writer of all time is Anne Rice. I was never a big reader until I started reading her books and she just reeled me in. I can get lost in any world that Anne Rice creates.
Please tell us about your previous projects.
My first book, “The Kings' Inheritance,” was more of an easy, hot, suspenseful read. But I discovered after writing it that I wanted to go deeper, which is what led to my second book, “Still Life,” a very heavy read that forces you to really put yourself in the characters' positions.
 Describe your writing process.
Wow, that is a tough one. Well, it all starts with an idea which could be a phrase someone says, or a feeling they express. If it's meant to be it sticks with me, and then I end up coming across a song that ties in with that emotion or phrase, then the characters come to life in my mind and I can't get to a notebook and pen fast enough. So far I've always written in longhand, and after I've fleshed a story out on paper, I transcribe it into my computer to edit and polish until the story is done.
What is your favorite aspect of writing?
My favorite part is when I am writing and I am still a little unsure of where it's going to go. And then, all of a sudden, at any time, I could be driving, or when I open my eyes in the morning, something speaks to me and all sorts of ideas come pouring out of me and it ties together with everything I have been working on. It is the most exhilarating feeling.
How did you become a part of the Anthology project “The Where Love May Find You Collection”?
Miss Deborah Brandon messaged me and asked if I would be interested, and here we are.
What makes the “The Where Love May Find You Collection” special to you?
This project is very special to me because I don't feel as if I am in Deborah or Carey's league as a writer. All I know how to do is tell a good story, so to be among such inspiring and successful authors is just surreal to me.
What challenges did you face while crafting your masterpiece in the “The Where Love May Find You Collection” project?
That's easy. I am not a cautious writer at all. I tend to push the envelope all the time. I guess you could refer to me as the Kurt Sutter (creator of Sons of Anarchy) of romance novels. Nothing is ever too dark or twisted for me to spin a beautiful and romantic love story from. So I think that approach is the perfect contrast for “Where Love May Find You.”
This anthology project will introduce you to new readers, what do you hope to bring to this project?
I am so glad you asked this question. I hope that this will open the eyes of readers to a different and new meaning of the concept of a“love story.” That not everything is 'he kissed me, we dated, we fell in love, and we got married, the end.' That sometimes love comes in different forms and different levels of intensity. That not everyone's relationship fits neatly into a little box, but that doesn't make it any less desirable or passionate.
What’s next for you?
What's next for me is more Vivian and Ellis. “The Second Step” is actually a mini-prequel of a series I'm working on. Readers should be ready for plot twists, new characters to fall in love with, and different types of relationships to explore. The ideas I'm having are just over the top, even for me. So please look for the first full installment of “The Binding Series,” “Girl: Divided,” in late October...just in time for Halloween. Thank you SO MUCH for reading my stories!

Deborah Brandon

Please introduce yourself tell us your name, and where you’re from.

Hello everyone. I am Author/Publisher Deborah R. Brandon of Loyalty Reigns Publications and I am from South Carolina

What inspired you to become a writer?

Writing has always been my passion. I love how a really good book invites you to be a part of the story. You laugh, you cry, and you celebrate with the characters. You catch glimpses of yourself within them.

What genre do you write in? 

A variety, I have 4 Romance novels, 1 Christian Life and 1 Family Life/ Drama

Do you have a favorite author(s), and if so why? 

Brenda Jackson, Shonda Rhimes, Francis Ray because these women are trendsetters and game changers. I am who I am today largely because of them. I love them and their work.

Please tell us about your previous projects.

It is my hopeful expectation, to create a cast of characters that you can relate too, with the Love & Protect Series. Each book highlights a different person from the small fictional town of Emerald Grove, South Carolina. 

The first book To Love & To Protect 1: Semper Fi is the story of State Representative Jasmine Anderson and Inactive Marine Ethan Hightower who has been assigned to protect her. The book gives you a glimpse of the stories and the love interest that are to come in the series.

In To Love & To Protect 2: His Desert Rose, It’s International business woman Renee Anderson and her Sexy Italian Businessman Antonio Favero’s turn to find the love they seek in a place they never thought to look, in each other’s arms. This book is set in romantic Italy.

In To Love & To Protect 3: Daddy’s Home, Alena Wellstone is the Director of Operations for Charisma’s, a soul food restaurant chain and United States Marine Captain Trenton Jamal Blake-Moore rekindle their relationship after 4 years of being apart. It is a beautiful story of forgiveness and second chances.

I’ll be Home For Christmas, Ethan Hightower and the rest of the Elite Squad are summoned for a mission to protect national security. This mission has the potential to break them. Pick up your copy and spend the Holiday’s in Emerald Grove.

Come Into His Presence is a 40 day devotional designed to encourage and empower the reader as they seek to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. $2.00 from every paperback sale is being donated to Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church in Newberry South Carolina to be used for outreach purposes.

Fallen Angel: From Revenge to Redemption is a Family Life/ Drama. It shines a light on criminal domestic violence. It has bits and pieces of my own personal story in there. It also has a beautiful romance story in there with the main characters Shanice and Darren.

Describe your writing process. 

I like to free style in the beginning. Then I go back through and develop the story where I feel like it needs to be developed. I try to ask myself questions like does this make sense and is it flowing. I try to correct any editing issues that I can find as well.

What is your favorite aspect of writing? 

Having a voice and possibly being able to influence my readers in regards to issues that I am passionate about. I also like providing people we a great story to get lost in.

How did you become a part of the Anthology project “The Where Love May Find You Collection”? 

I wanted to work with other authors within the romance genre to create something unique and beautiful.

What makes the “The Where Love May Find You Collection” special to you? 

I have so much respect for the ladies who participated in this project. This is my first time working with other authors in this manner. It was a beautiful process and it was done the right way, I believe. It was refreshing.

What challenges did you face while crafting your masterpiece in the “The Where Love May Find You Collection” project? 

I had to do some research because it was my second time writing about a place that I have not been to before.

This anthology project will introduce you to new readers, what do you hope to bring to this project? 

I really want to get to know different readership and possibly grow my leadership. This romance story has been a ton of fun to write and I hope that the readers love it as much as I do.

What’s next for you

I am working on Love Is on The Way which will be next book in the Love and to Protect Series. I want to write a Christmas Romance story as well. I want to work on a cancer awareness collection as well. For this project, I would donate the money to a charity.

Keith Kareem Williams

I would like to introduce you to Keith Kareem Williams. Keith made his debut in 2004 with his self published masterpiece. Keith shows with his latest creations that he is not a stranger to the literary world. His current titles span across the genre defines to provide you with entertainment and insight into his soul. Writing from his heart Keith provides candid glances into his soul. Without further ado, I give to you Keith Kareem Williams: 

 CA Asks: Who are you? What do you do?

Keith: I am a full-time, independent, self-published author and a full-time dad of two awesome kids.

 CA Asks: When did you begin writing? 

Keith: I started writing my own stories probably at the age of 3 after my mom taught me how to read and write. I’ve always loved books which eventually inspired me to write my own.

 CA Asks: What made you decide to publish your work?

Keith: I dropped out of college after my second year. Before I knew it, I had two children and a family of my own to look after so going back to school wasn’t financially possible because I had other responsibilities. My role as a dad and a provider became my main priority. However, I didn’t want to give up on my “dreams” so I decided to finish writing the novel I had started writing when I was in school. My professors kept telling me how talented I was and I needed to prove it to myself. So, in 2004 I self-published my 1st novel, “Water Flows Under Doors.”

 CA Asks: What genre do you write for?

Keith: I write in all genres really. I enjoy mixing and mashing different genres together which gives me a very unique writing style. Because I am still in love with the city where I was born and raised, many of my books do tend to take place in urban, city settings. I love giving readers an in depth look at what gritty city life is like. In my author bio, I describe my writing style as follows: “In interviews, one of the most difficult questions I’ve been asked is, ‘What genre are your novels?’ because honestly, I never write with any particular style in mind. I enjoy blending styles and mashing different genres together in interesting ways. Basically, I pen whatever is in my heart and soul. However, if I had to describe my style I would use musical terms and say that I write Urban, Hip-Hop, fiction with the rhythm of Reggae that crashed into Heavy Metal and then began to bleed Neo Soul.”

 CA Asks: Do you only write in one genre?

Keith: Definitely not. Every single one of my books has a different feel and vibe to it.

 CA Asks: Why do you write?

Keith: At first, I wrote for my own enjoyment and sanity. I’ve always found that I express myself best on paper. However, since the release of my 1st novel, my “Why” has really changed and evolved. I write constantly because I really enjoy connecting with readers. My talent allows me to show them a way to look at life in a different way than they may have before or, I also connect with them, almost on a spiritual level where they feel the words on my pages deep in their souls.

 CA Asks: What inspires you to write?

Keith: I find inspiration for my stories in everyday life. As an author, you have to notice subtle things that most people take for granted. When they read your work, a reader’s eyes should be opened in a way that they might not have expected. Also, I continue to release new novels so that I can leave behind a legacy for my children. When I’m gone, I hope to leave behind something that can support them and help them along financially through life.

 CA Asks: What would you like readers to take away from your work?

Keith: I always want to entertain my readers but, I also love to make them think. I want them to think about their lives, their connections with others and hopefully, I can make them feel not so alone in this world.

 CA Asks: Can you share with us any feedback that you got about your work that inspired you to continue moving forward?

Keith: This road as a full-time, independent author is a difficult one. I’ve often wondered how insane I must be to keep pushing along on it but, when I get heartfelt feedback and praise from readers, it keeps me pushing forward. I hear how engrossed they become in my stories, or how they’ll read a book over and over again. Those things let me know that I have the talent. I just need more readers to get climb to a higher level of success.

 CA Asks:  What are you currently working on?

Keith: At the moment, I’m working on two novels simultaneously, a supernatural thriller titled, “Slow Kiss of the Apocalypse” and an urban thriller titled, “Death in the City.” Both should be complete by the end of June.

 CA Asks:  What’s next for Keith Kareem Williams?

Keith: Hopefully, “Death in the City” will be my biggest book release thus far. I’ve gone back to the writing style I used in my 1st novel with a much more complicated storyline, filled with unforgettable characters caught in compelling circumstances.

 CA Asks: Where would you like to be in the next five years?

Keith: In the next five years, I’d love to have a much larger readership so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time putting in footwork and pushing books out in the streets. That would afford me much more time to sit down and write so that I can keep up with my readers’ ravenous appetite for new material from me. I’ve written 11 books and they fly through my catalog so fast that I have to write constantly to keep up.

 CA Asks: Where can your work be found? How can readers reach you?

Keith: All of my book are on Amazon (Some in Kindle & all in paperback)

Also, readers can read updates on my website:

Readers can also follow my blog where I post samples of my writing:

And, here are the places they can find me on social media:


Google +:




Published June 2016

Meet Tywanda Brown-Johnson

I would like to introduce you to Tywanda Brown-Johnson. Tyawanda made her debut in 2014 and has been releasing nonstop. Armed with eight titles (for now) Tywanda shows that not only is she making her mark on the literary world, also she plans to stick around for the long hall. It is time to meet the very talented and very kind hearted Tywanda Brown-Johnson. 

CA Asks: Who are you? What do you do?

Tywanda: Tywanda Brown-Johnson is publisher/Author at Loyalty Reigns Publications. I bring stories to life with my writing.

CA Asks: When did you begin writing?

Tywanda: I began writing poetry at the young age of 11 years old after the death of my father.

CA Asks: What made you decide to publish your work?

Tywanda: After allowing some of my family and friends to read some of my work, they advised me that the stories were really good and should be published. So I decided to give it a shot, since writing was something I love to do.

CA Asks: What genre do you write for?

Tywanda: I don’t necessarily have a set genre that I write in. But I currently have books out in the following genres: Urban Life, Family Life, and Drama

CA Asks: Why do you write?

Tywanda: Writing started out as therapy after my father’s death, however it turned into passion for me. So I guess you can say that I write because it makes me happy.

CA Asks: What inspires you to write?

Tywanda: My readers

CA Asks: What would you like readers to take away from your work?

Tywanda: My latest releases Her Sweet Betrayal and Til Death Do Us Part: Broken Promises both have messages buried within the storylines. Her Sweet Betrayal is a RAPE awareness book and Broken Promises is a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE awareness book.

CA Asks: Can you share with us any feedback that you got about your work that inspired you to continue moving forward?

Tywanda: I had a fan tell me that after reading Her Sweet Betrayal, she opened up about her rape. And that comment alone inspired me to keep writing.

CA Asks: What are you currently working on?

Tywanda: I’m currently working on collaboration with label mate and publisher Simply Shonda.

CA Asks: What’s next for Tywanda Brown?

Tywanda: Tywanda Brown-Johnson will be dabbing into genres and putting out some great releases.

CA Asks: Where would you like to be in the next five years?

Tywanda: I would love to be on New York Bestseller list.

CA Asks: Where can your work be found? How can readers reach you?

Tywanda: All titles: Love Games, Love Games 2, Love Games 3, The Devil Daughters, The Devils Little Pawn, Ho Ho Ho’s, Her Sweet Betrayal and Til Death Do Us Part: Broken Promises are available for purchase on Amazon.

I have Love Games, Love Games 2, Love Games 3, Her Sweet Betrayal and Til Death Do Us Part: Broken Promises on paperback.

Twitter: @AuthorTywandaB

Instragram: Miss_Tywanda_Brown

Facebook: Author Tywanda Brown-Johnson

Published June 2016

Meet Jamila Gomez

I would like to introduce you to Jamila Gomez. Jamila is the literary begetter of poetry as well as works of fiction. This versatile young lady has mastered the art of creator as well as proofreader. Jamila continues to be an inspiration in-between the pages of her books as well as in person. Ladies and gentleman I am pleased to bring to you Jamila Gomez.

CA Ask: Who are you? What do you do? 

Jamila: I am the daughter of two educators, youngest of the girls, and the aunt of two beautiful children. I am also a self-published author and poet, as well as a reviewer/proofreader and blogger. More importantly, I am an encourager, motivator, and Spina Bifida overcomer.

CA Ask: When did you begin writing poetry? 

Jamila: I wrote my first poem in the third grade, but I hadn't written anymore until my Granny's passing in 1999 when I was 17 as a means of healing. But I didn't really realize I had a gift for it until about five years ago.

CA Ask:  What made you decide to publish your work? 

Jamila: I became friends on social media with a poet by the name of Jah X-El some years ago and was always intrigued by him and his work. I wanted to have the same impact on others that he had on me because I always thought I had it in me to do so. Also, I wanted to do something to make my family proud.

CA Ask: Do you only write poetry? 

Jamila: Mostly, but I've also written urban fiction novellas and children's stories.

CA Ask: What genre(s) do you write for? 

Jamila: General, inspirational, and erotica.

CA Ask: Why do you write? 

Jamila: I write to escape, to inspire, to encourage, to vent, and to express the thoughts I have that I find difficult to verbalize. I can be myself 100% in my writing.

CA Ask: What inspires you to write? 

Jamila: I draw inspiration from many places, from a song to the weather to something I may be going through or something someone else may be going through.  

CA Ask: What would you like readers to take away from your work? 

Jamila: The most important thing I want them to take away is that no matter what they may be dealing with, someone knows how they feel and someone cares. Also, I want them to take away the notion that we all have gifts designed specifically for us to be used for specific purposes. Don't go through life without having shared your gift because you never know who your gift can bless.

CA Ask:  Can you share with us any feedback that you got about your work that inspired you to continue moving forward? 

Jamila: In the very recent past, I was questioning whether or not I was in the right career. But lately, I've gotten messages from people who were inspired to write and get published, or people who were on the brink of giving up and something I wrote gave them hope. Kind of a full circle thing. I am motivated to continue by motivating others to continue.

CA Ask: What are you currently working on? 

Jamila: I am currently working on more poetry. I have gotten many requests to continue my erotic poetry, and I will/am. However, right now, I have something more personal on my spirit that I have to get out. I am also toying with more novella ideas.

CA Ask: What’s next for Jamila Gomez? 

Jamila: Aside from more poetry, I am going to put all this encouragement to more use and go into women's counseling/life coaching. I will combine both passions in hopes of reaching more people.

CA Ask: Where would you like to be in the next five years? 

Jamila: My dream is San Francisco. I love it there and am always inspired by the atmosphere. If not there, maybe Virginia. I'd love to have a love and a family. A thriving career uplifting women and girls. Just basking in the blessings God has given me, whatever they may be.

CA Ask: Where can your work be found? How can readers reach you? 

Jamila: My books are on: 

Amazon at

Connect with me on Facebook:



and my blog:

Published February 2016

Meet Miss Dee

I would like to take this time to introduce to Miss Dee. Her debut work of fiction was published in October of 2015. She has already received quite a few positive reviews on Amazon and GoodReads combined, and this is only the beginning. Miss Dee is on her way to having a large variety of work available very soon. So now let's get to know Miss Dee a little better. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Miss Dee...

CA Asks: How long were you writing before you actually published your work?

Miss Dee: I have been writing since I was maybe eleven years old. I always kept a diary. I started off writing poetry. My cousin and I would write letters back and forth to each other every week. I wrote my first book though back in 2010.

CA Asks: What genre(s) do you write for?

Miss Dee: I write urban fiction. Romance, women’s fiction, paranormal, erotica, I am writing books in all those genres under urban fiction.

CA Asks: Why do you write?

Miss Dee: Writing keeps me sane! LOL, I would go crazy if I did not have a way to express myself. Reading and writing has been a part of my life since I was a young girl. My cousin and I would walk thirty blocks down to the library and thirty blocks back up every day just to get the books we had on hold.

CA Asks: What inspires you to write?

Miss Dee: My goals in life inspire me to write. Other writers inspire me to write. My family, my kids, movies everything is inspiration to me.

CA Asks: What would you like readers to take away from your work?

Miss Dee: Entertainment, I want readers to be entertained. I want them to read my books and enjoy reading them just like watching television. I want them to be inspired by my books, cry, laugh, and I want them to become individuals by reading my books.

CA Asks: Can you share with us any feedback that you may have gotten about your work that inspired you to continue moving forward?

Miss Dee: All the feedback I get is inspiration. A person could say just Good Job and that is inspiration enough.

CA Asks: What are you currently working on?

Miss Dee: Right now I am finishing the last part of my Madam series. I am going to be releasing my love story on Valentine’s Day so that is going to be fun! And I am going to be ending my first series Consequences of Loving Mr. Wrong with a spinoff standalone.

CA Asks: What’s next for Miss Dee?

Miss Dee: Self- publishing definitely LOL! I am working on how to do it myself. I am also trying to put together meet and greets so that is in the near future.

CA Asks: Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Miss Dee: In California hopefully or someone’s beach but career wise I want to be branding and marketing for other talented people. Whether they are writers, dancers or whatever I just want to help people get their talents out to the world.

CA Asks: Where can your work be found? How can readers reach you?

Miss Dee: My work can be found on Amazon for right now. Readers can reach me on

Facebook: MissDee Ringo

Twitter: @dericaringoDee

Instagram: Authoress Miss Dee

Inboxes and messages are welcome.

Published January 2016

Meet Author Samone Johnson

I would like to introduce you to Author S.D. Johnson. She currently has two remarkable stories in her arsenal. Both of her stories are extremely relatable and realistic. Pretty soon S.D. Johnson will be a household name alongside such names as Terri McMillan, Omar Tyree, Toni Morrison, just to name a few. This author is very talented and she has only just begun. So without further ado let's meet Author S.D. Johnson.

CA Asks: How long were you writing before you actually published your work?  

Author Samone Johnson: I started writing as a a little girl, I remember being in the 1st grade and writing a story for my teacher Ms. Brown.  That’s how I spent my time lost in my own imagination.  I always wanted to be a writer growing up but I had a family member verbally assault my dream.  Even though I always kept a journal or writing project close by, I really didn’t think I had the potential to do it, because of that negative encounter.  Just a passion that I’ve carried for many many years!

CA Asks: What genre(s) do you write for?  

Author Samone Johnson: I just like to say general fiction.  I try not to pigeon hole myself with projects.  I hope they will reach the unreachable one day and keep my audience broad and open.

CA Asks: Why do you write? 

Author Samone Johnson: I don’t know how to not formulate a plot and marinate on it so much that I have to put it to print.  It’s self medicating to me as well.  Some people need drugs, I need a good cry and a laptop. LOL!

CA Asks: What inspires you to write? 

Author Samone Johnson: My life, my faith in God, other peoples lives, and music.  I am a lover of music from ALL genres!  I play the bass and drums, well not so much lately.  As a teenager, I would take my favorite albums and write stories to them.  Each song would be a chapter and I challenged myself and it was so much fun.  Wow! I sound like a nerd, but this interview is fun!

CA Asks: What would you like readers to take away from your work?  

Author Samone Johnson: My transparency.  I like to write a lot about things I have experienced personally.  I lay my heart on the pages and even if my readers don’t agree with some things, I pray they end the novel at least thinking with a new perspective.

CA Asks: Can you share with us any feedback that you got about your work that inspired you to continue moving forward?  

Author Samone Johnson: Wow!  I went through a very rough marriage and then an even harder divorce.  After that I released my first project and it was written heavily about that experience.  Somehow my ex husband found out that I wrote the book and he read it and apologized for our relationship.  I was shocked because, any other time I would have been called out of my name and cursed out.  So that was very liberating to me.

CA Asks: What are you currently working on?  

Author Samone Johnson: I am currently working on the sequel to the novel stated above called, The Weekend: A Short Before the Story. I left the book open ended, and I am finally in the right head space to finish it.  I am also formatting a project for a screenplay… That’s been an interesting journey thus far.

CA Asks: What’s next for Author Samone Johnson?  

Author Samone Johnson: More writing for sure, and I wear many other hats, within my family and the business that I share with my husband.  We have three crazy kids, a ten year old girl that is planning on going to the WNBA and two year old twins that drive us nuts!  I have also started a memoir about a time in my life that I struggled physically for about 9 years with debilitating sickness.  So there’s a lot of good organized chaos going on right now.

CA Asks: Where would you like to be in the next five years?  

Author Samone Johnson: In the next five years I would like to have a larger catalog of work available for the general public.  I would like to have greater success with our business and by that being able to travel and empowering people all over the nation with our mentoring programs and stories we’ve lived personally.  I would like to also continue to strive to be a better wife to my awesome husband and mother to my kids.  Every part of my life is exciting to me and I embrace it whole heartedly.

CA Asks: Where can your work be found? How can readers reach you?  

Author Samone Johnson: You can find me immediately on our website S.O.E. Kingdom.  My first two novels are on all major digital retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and such.  You will also find the links and physical copies on our website as well.  People can also reach out to me with our email address:  I LOVE to connect with people and share life!

In addition to her writing projects S.D. Johnson has another talent to share with the world. Let's meet S.O.E. Kingdom. 

CA Asks: Tell us about S.O.E. Kingdom. Also, how are you connected?  

Author Samone Johnson: S.O.E Kingdom is the business that I share with my husband, Chevist “Didymus” Johnson.  Our current services consist of music, books, mentoring, speaking engagements, and in the near future plays and skits. 

CA Asks: How did S.O.E. Kingdom come about?  

Author Samone Johnson: S.O.E. was his business and brand before we got married and it was also his platform for his music, he’s a hip hop artist.  Before we got married I was consolidating my own company for event promotions and once we got married it only seemed right to merge the businesses together.  I dropped my company name and took the responsibility of President for S.O.E. Kingdom, working with Chevist as the CEO.  We work very well together and share the same heart and vision.  The only difference is that he raps and I write.  

CA Asks: What are some of the current accomplishments for S.O.E.?  

Author Samone Johnson: S.O.E. has a community outreach component as well, where you provide mentoring to youth of our city and go behind the walls to the incarcerated as well and just give hope and directions to self empowerment and positive outlooks, for lives that may seem bleak.  We have made some great community partnerships and we love to build and network with people.  We also host events and take on speaking engagements from here in California to Omaha, NE where my husband is from.

CA Asks: What are the future plans for S.O.E.?  
Author Samone Johnson: More expansion is what I pray is in the future for us.  We are working on a screenplay at this moment as well, and we will begin the process of hopefully an independent film.  That’s very exciting to share.  Yet, more importantly than that, we want to make an impact in our city, state, and nation, one life at a time.  We just want to give hope to the broken and direction to those in need.  My husband says it all the time, speaking of S.O.E. Kingdom.  “It’s not just music, it’s more than a movement, and it’s all Kingdom!” - Didymus.

CA Asks: Where can we find more information for S.O.E.?  

Author Samone Johnson: Go directly to our website or email us with any questions”  info@soekingdom.  Thank you so much for this opportunity to share.  It’s been a great pleasure getting connect to you, the support you give, and your caring spirit.  You are awesome.

Published December 2015